Music Video "OSINT"

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Vocalist (verse1)
Kaai Yuki (VOCALOID)
Vocalist (verse2)
Yuzuki Yukari (VOCALOID)
Sound / Writing / Planning / Direction
Sheeno Mirin
Composition / Collage
Yuzuri Hal
Character Illustration
Post effect (Deep Dreem)
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This work is an independent production of Sheeno Mirin.


VERSE 1 (Kaai Yuki)

Just a detective game so hollow,

Only seeking pleasure to follow,

In inanity your words wallow,

Countless letters, too hard to swallow,

Wow, that’s so slow, a cheesy show,

On paper, skilled, seeming to glow,

But in truth, your manners fall far below,

Inside, it’s simply a big no-go, (lol)

Info-poor business, there you reign,

Closed-in space, black bile in the vein,

Feed ‘em on fake news, that’s the way,

If it fits, it’s good, it’s all okay,

You’ve got no scrap of literacy,

Only with your justice do you agree,

Led by such spirituality,

You’ll be deceived for life, never set free.

Safes with no key, hints unseen,

To blurry to see, depths skin-deep,

Hopeless seeds, all-blank sheets,

Lasting heat, too-shaky feet,

Heuristics in low resolution,

Circular logic indulged to convolution,

The only thing you can reprint,

This dull 5 IQ OSINT.

VERSE 2 (Yuzuki Yukari)

Hexadecimal’s got its own flair,

You can read text across for something rare,

Even this noise forms Morse code in the air,

If you believe it’s true, it’s fair, the truth’s there,

Seriously careless, this direction,

If it were a paper, it’d meet rejection,

Answers and solutions, defects in connection,

Search for answers, there’ll be no detection, (lol)

Sigh, so what are you, tell me,

Losing it all, what’s left finally?

Why escape into counterfactual reverie?

Is the pain of those you ignored devoid of meaning?

A socially awkward debut,

Your Majesty the Drama Queen, boo-hoo,

Overflowing justice leaking through,

That’s an injustice collector for you.

Intellectualism too faulty, gossip’s your cuppa tea,

Speeches too pushy, lost in spirituality,

Too twisted worlds you see, empathy deficiency,

Do as you please, but for people uninvolved, just let them be.

VERSE 3 (Kasane Teto)

Sharing views and senses, we’re the same,

Tossing a stone at consensus, we both claim,

Yet, our approaches differ and vary,

Divergent methods we take and carry,

On the shoulders of giants we stand,

For the difference in the respect we have is so grand.

No facts selectively construed.

No childish resistance ensued.

No simplistic binaries pursued.

No labels of good or bad blindly glued.

On this path, where we’ve sought expressions far and wide,

The exclusion of complexities has nowhere to reside,

Every passing day, life’s in our thoughts to stay,

Expressed in words, into the world conveyed,

We face the results head-on, come what may.

We simply put thoughts gained into an array,

Towards new ideas, opinions in relay,

Creatively advancing in a unique display,

This sound, the proof, shows our way.