About Us

StudioGnu is an interdisciplinary initiative and a digital archive headed by Sheeno Mirin that links various phenomena and occurrences across the spectrum of expression to the “cultural genes” of expressive media such as music, poetry, and video from the Japanese online community, realizes them in artistic forms, and records the genesis that arises.

Under the policy of “Toward a Transdisciplinary Creation” we strive to generate novel value by integrating three actors: “Makers,” who materialize their concepts through creation; “Experts,” who possess expertise in natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences; and “Linkers,” who encompass both or none of these attributes.


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We welcome the participation of creators and non-creators alike, regardless of field, in order to carry out "creation without boundaries". please click here.▶

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For inquiries, please contact [email protected] (Sheeno Mirin) or TwitterDM (@sheeno3rin).